Keynote Speaker: Steven Reiss

Title: TBA

Bio. Steven Reiss is Professor of Computer Science in the Computer Science Department at Brown University. He has been a member of the Brown faculty since 1977. He is the author of numerous papers in journals and proceedings, as well as two books. He has served on a variety of conference program committees for SIGPLAN, SIGSOFT, and IEEE. He has written several software systems that have been widely distributed outside of Brown.

Dr. Reiss's research interests and expertise center around programming, in particular making programming simpler and more understandable. He has done extensive research in the areas of programming tools and environments as well as program visualization. He has also done work on message-based integration, program design, databases, and the debugging, testing and checking of complex systems.

Current research by Dr. Reiss includes Code Bubbles, a working-set based programming environment that includes the use of intelligent features and visualizations to assist the programmer; semiautomatic automatic bug repair; and semantic-based code search for methods, classes, user interfaces and system frameworks. For more information look at